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The Power of Facing Your Fear

robindf / May 2, 2020
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Gratitude Beats Obligation

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Doing the Right Thing. How Do You Know What it is?

Adventures & Microadventures / Blog / Inspiration / SLIDER

Why Ending Up in the Wrong country was Right

Blog 41

Getting Fired: Is There an Upside?

A couple of years ago I got fired and I didn’t see it coming. My boss asked me to stop by the office at the end of the day. He wanted to talk to me about something. This wasn’t unusual, since I worked from home and he frequently asked sales people who worked remotely to […]
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Blog 42

Dance in Cuba: Rumba as a Way of Life

From 1999-2003 I travelled to Cuba several times, drawn by the people, the culture, the dance. This video explores the great dance genre, Rumba. “El Mio Es La Rumba” presents the rich Afro-Cuban art form, rumba through a dialogue between a teacher, Jesus Manuel Sophia, and his student, Jorge Luis Cintra. Woven throughout their conversation […]
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Blog 43

Mojo Monday 12: Hiatus

Hiatus I started Mojo Monday 3 months ago and have had so much fun doing it, but even more fun hearing how its made you laugh outloud and wiggle just a little – or a lot! But I’ve decided to take a short hiatus, or Webster defines it – a pause or gap in a […]
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Blog 44

Mojo Monday 11: Reinvention

  Reinvention There are many defintions of reinvention, all having to do with “producing something new based on something that already exists.” (Cambridge English Dictionary) But as many human beings who inhabit the earth, are as many ways to reinvent. Which is a number way beyond millions. To make this real in physical terms, I […]
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Blog 45

Mojo Monday 10: On Remembrance and Celebration

On remembrance and celebration Memorial Day is a day for many of us to remember those who lost their lives in the line of duty. But perhaps for others of us, it’s a day for remembering those we’ve lost, not due to war. Memorial Day has also become a day of picnics and bbq’s and […]
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Blog 46

Mojo Monday 9: Wordless Questions

On the nature of questions, thought and a bit beyond Unless you’re in a philosophy class, you probably don’t ponder the nature of what a question is. And even if in a philosophy class, you’re likely taught to know great thinkers and their works; apply that to thinking in current times and maybe, just maybe […]
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Blog 47

Mojo Monday 8: Returning

Returning to do what you love, what calls you Last week I missed making the Mojo Monday video because of the very thing I’ve been talking about: procrastination and mind chatter. So this week I’m focusing on what it means to return to do that thing you want to do but are challenged to do […]
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Blog 48

Mojo Monday 7: Mindchatter Be Gone!

Mindchatter be gone! I think most creators, inventors, artists and makers struggle with mindchatter and self-doubt at one time or another. The idea that you have a bolt of inspiration, sit down and create easily is romantic and not based on real life in my opinion. Even if it’s easy to start, sooner or later, […]
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Blog 49

Mojo Monday 6: The Dance of Procrastination

The dance of procrastination You’ve got that thing that you want to do; that project you want to start, class you want to take, conversation you need to have, or idea to bring to life. You set the time and space aside to do it and … you don’t do it. It’s not that you’re […]
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Blog 50

Mojo Monday 5: Dancing with Trees

  Tree Power It’s a well established fact that being in nature is good for body, mind and soul. But when in nature, do we listen, or do we stay plugged in to our music, our thoughts, our need to label and define what we see. The power of nature is that it provides conditions […]
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Blog 51

Mojo Monday 4: Ways to Wake Up!

The phenomenon of waking up Everybody in the world wakes up in the morning, but each one of us experiences it uniquely. If you consider all the different causes of waking up, from bad dreams or eating too much icecream the night before to loud sounds outside your window to the person sleeping beside you […]
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Blog 52

Mojo Monday 3: Multitask w/Movement

Multitasking, Seizing the Opportunity or something else altogether? If you live in this world of technology, constant information and full schedules, you probably multitask from time to time. But did you know that there is a great deal of research supporting the fact that multitasking seems more productive than it actually is. This video makes […]
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Blog 53

Mojo Monday 2: Wiggle Everywhere

Wiggling can be an anecdote to being too serious/adult Wiggling is an activity that most adults consider childish, and even ridiculous. Funny thing is that most adults can’t wiggle. So that tells me that, its not that its ridiculous, it’s that adults are hiding the fact that they can no longer (or believe they can […]
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Blog 54

Inner Courage Instead of Thick Skin

I have a client working with someone who is making his job very difficult. My client’s team is located around the world, so he has to manage them remotely. Not easy. As he’s talking about this particular individual he says, “I just have to get tougher-skin to handle this person and focus on getting past […]
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Blog 55

Mojo Monday 1: Stretch Like a Dog

  The Underutilized Stretch We read daily the importance of stretching before and after exercise. We watch animals, our pets in particular, stretch throughout the day that seems also to be code for everything from scratch my belly to I want to play. But we humans make minimal use of this super satisfying movement. Why […]
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Blog 56

Dare to dream and ask what if

It’s 1983 and aerobics is the hot new fitness craze. Flash Dance star Jennifer Beals has transformed sweatshirts into a sexy fashion statement with strategically placed rips and tears. Women have an alternative to the male dominated gym scene with Jane Fonda’s Workout Video. Leg warmers, shiny leotards and matching headbands are the new chic.
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Blog 57

Alonzo King on Identification

Some say politics – conservatism, liberalism, ism’s of all kinds – is the problem. Others say its religion – too much, or not having enough – is the problem. Most agree that those who disagree, who are different (not just in terms of race, culture, creed, but also ideology) – with me, with you, with […]
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Blog 58

Dance through Grief

I sat slumped over the steering wheel. “What am I afraid of?” I asked myself. The lump in my throat made it hard to swallow. Not being enough, I sighed. My year had already been filled with so much loss. Now, having to face my dear friend’s decline due to advanced Parkinson’s. It was more […]
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Blog 59

The Potential in a Single Encounter

What if we see one another instead of label What if we listen instead of get annoyed What if we communicate instead of complain What if we wait instead of rush What if we share instead of take What if we encounter Instead of
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Blog 60

Rwandan Genocide Remembered – 22 Years Later

The following post is from something I wrote in 2012. Though dated, it’s still apropo for reflection today. Eighteen years ago this month, the Hutu genocide against the Tutsis began in Rwanda. In just 3 months nearly 1 million elders, adults, children and infants were brutally slaughtered. Earlier this month leaders gathered at the United […]
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Blog 61

The Opposite of Going Postal

A most amazing thing happened at the post office the other day. I was standing in line to mail Christmas packages – a line that weaved through the main office, out the door and around the front of the building – when I heard a young couple arguing about a conversation the man was having on […]
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Blog 62

Listening is love

When I was 7 years old I made a trip to England to meet my grandparents on my fathers side for the first time. It was a special trip for many reasons, including meeting my friend Tom Spriggs. Tom was a trusted neighbor and friend of my grandparents. He and his wife were the first […]
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Blog 63

Where Does Faith Begin?

i awoke scared today of thoughts and what-if’s. that list of things that keeps us lonely even amongst friends. i pondered faith today, wondering where and how it begins, each time in life in each of us in me. it’s been said that faith begins where philosophy ends. if this is true, then faith has […]
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Blog 64

Don’t Be Fooled by Appearances

The meaning of un-extraordinary might be a breakfast sandwich that fills a hole in your stomach and costs $5 at a place more commonly known for its customizable “coffee.” This breakfast sandwich looked delicious, with a thick slice of Canadian bacon, scrambled egg and a layer of graded cheddar cheese between two slices of fresh baked […]
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Blog 65

A Rare Kind of Dialogue

I happened upon the late physicist and author, David Bohm while conducting research for my Master’s thesis. Bohm wrote a ground breaking book called, Wholeness and the Implicate Order in which he introduced his interpretation of Quantum Physics. His writing about the nature of life at the sub-atomic level was lyrical but concrete, rational but […]
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Blog 66

15 Ways to Keep It Real as a Leader

About a year ago I read a post on LinkedIn about Leadership that included a list of what makes a good leader. The author was a CEO of a big company. The list struck me as so black and white that at first I thought it was a joke then I realized that it was […]
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Blog 67

On Change – An Excerpt from Rumi

I had a difficult weekend. Still grieving the premature loss of my father months ago. After wrestling alone most of yesterday, I found a gentle place. And then a friend sent me this excerpt from Rumi. Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not […]
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Blog 68

What Dancing in Cuba Taught Me About Listening

The following post recounts an experience I had during my first of many trips to Cuba from 1999 – 2012. “Quiero una cerveza,” I tell the bartender “Crystal o Bucanero?” he asks. The two main beers of Cuba, one on the lighter side, the other, slightly more dark. “Dame una Crystal,” I say with the […]
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Blog 69

When the Need to Be Right Makes You Stupid

A Typical Day It’s 2 in the afternoon on a Sunday when I see Mei-Lian, my landlady’s Gardner, squatting beside the bushes outside my apartment. A quiet 60-something woman from Mainland China, she greets me with a warm, “hay-wo.” She’s holding a pair of long arm plant clippers in one hand and fresh plant cuttings […]
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Blog 70

The Power of Presence

  This video caught my attention because I was curious about the person behind the Mr. Rogers of my childhood memory. I was irritated at first at Mr. Rogers’ slow pace – I went immediately to judgement, thinking, here we go he’s going to talk the same way he does in his children’s show? I’ll […]
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Blog 71

An Epic Dream

There are many types of dreams, Healing dreams, Recurring dreams, Lucid dreams, Nightmares, etc. One type of dream that’s less common, at least in my 50 years of living and sleeping are Epic dreams. Epic dreams, sometimes referred to as Great or Numinous dreams are vivid and compelling, so much so, detail can be remembered […]
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Blog 72

Why I Love Oakland

  I LOVE Oakland. It’s not about the Warriors win this past year. Though that’s super wonderful. It’s not about the recent hipster’ness of this town and it’s (long overdue) overnight popularity. It’s not because it’s the abused and so-called ugly step sister of the San Francisco. It’s because when I take my dog out […]
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Blog 73

The Value of Insecurity

Does it ever go away, the insecurity that lives in my skin ever since I was a girl. I’m walking to meet a friend and have to go along the lake which takes me past a large group of people salsa dancing. Just seeing this group makes me anxious (a bit of context soon to […]
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Blog 74

Nature Guides Us if We Listen

I grew up in Los Gatos, a small town just South of what’s now Silicon Valley. Our one story house at the end of Jones Road was perfect for my brother and I because it was located on a quiet cul-de-sac surrounded by nature. There was a wild, partially contained hundred-acre park that began where […]
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Blog 75

The Universe in Tide Pools

It’s the fall of 1973 and mom’s packing the car for a trip to the beach. Not any place – our special beach, a strand of remote coastline in Northern California between Santa Cruz and Pacifica. We call it brain beach instead of it’s official name, “Bean Beach,” because it’s cow-sized rocks – poc-marked with […]
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Blog 76

Falling Off the Beat and Starting Again

A few years ago, I was an avid Salsa and Rumba dancer. I’d go out a few times a week, every week and dance for hours. If you’ve enjoyed partner dancing to live music then you know that it’s one of the best feelings on earth. That joy of feeling into the steps, being in the […]
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Blog 77

The Power of Accepting a Loved One for Who They Are

Tomorrow is my late mothers birthday. In honor of her memory, I’m sharing the post below. I wrote it 2 years ago but feel even closer to the words and their sentiment than before. In fact, I love her more than ever before… Remembering Mom, Sally Lou Cameron (9/8/39 – 9/21/07) “A piece of work” […]
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Blog 78

Power Cartwheels for Focused Energy

Something that I’ve struggled with for some time, both at work and outside of work is that I have an ongoing stream of ideas which I’m compelled to start all at the same time. This is impossible of course. I know this. You know this. Even the expert multi-tasker has experienced the futility and gnawing […]
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