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The Power of Facing Your Fear

Walking around the lake with my friend Mary one afternoon, the idea came up in conversation that I should visit my dad. I had a problematic relationship with him since my 20s, and had tried every which way to insert myself into his life – from showing unconditional love by being a ready ear to […]
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Gratitude Beats Obligation

I had a job that was a combination of administrator, project coordinator, volunteer coordinator, coach, cook and errand-runner. It was a small family run business, so all 9 employees wore many hats. The company had offices in both Marin, California and Paris, France, therefore one frequent errand I had was to pick up and drop […]
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Getting Fired: Is There an Upside?

A couple of years ago I got fired and I didn’t see it coming. My boss asked me to stop by the office at the end of the day. He wanted to talk to me about something. This wasn’t unusual, since I worked from home and he frequently asked sales people who worked remotely to […]
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Mojo Monday 10: On Remembrance and Celebration

On remembrance and celebration Memorial Day is a day for many of us to remember those who lost their lives in the line of duty. But perhaps for others of us, it’s a day for remembering those we’ve lost, not due to war. Memorial Day has also become a day of picnics and bbq’s and […]
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Alonzo King on Identification

Some say politics – conservatism, liberalism, ism’s of all kinds – is the problem. Others say its religion – too much, or not having enough – is the problem. Most agree that those who disagree, who are different (not just in terms of race, culture, creed, but also ideology) – with me, with you, with […]
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Rwandan Genocide Remembered – 22 Years Later

The following post is from something I wrote in 2012. Though dated, it’s still apropo for reflection today. Eighteen years ago this month, the Hutu genocide against the Tutsis began in Rwanda. In just 3 months nearly 1 million elders, adults, children and infants were brutally slaughtered. Earlier this month leaders gathered at the United […]
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