Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations 27

The Power of Facing Your Fear

Walking around the lake with my friend Mary one afternoon, the idea came up in conversation that I should visit my dad. I had a problematic relationship with him since my 20s, and had tried every which way to insert myself into his life – from showing unconditional love by being a ready ear to […]
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Difficult Conversations 28

Getting Fired: Is There an Upside?

A couple of years ago I got fired and I didn’t see it coming. My boss asked me to stop by the office at the end of the day. He wanted to talk to me about something. This wasn’t unusual, since I worked from home and he frequently asked sales people who worked remotely to […]
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Difficult Conversations 29

Inner Courage Instead of Thick Skin

I have a client working with someone who is making his job very difficult. My client’s team is located around the world, so he has to manage them remotely. Not easy. As he’s talking about this particular individual he says, “I just have to get tougher-skin to handle this person and focus on getting past […]
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Difficult Conversations 30

Dance through Grief

I sat slumped over the steering wheel. “What am I afraid of?” I asked myself. The lump in my throat made it hard to swallow. Not being enough, I sighed. My year had already been filled with so much loss. Now, having to face my dear friend’s decline due to advanced Parkinson’s. It was more […]
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Difficult Conversations 31

The Potential in a Single Encounter

What if we see one another instead of label What if we listen instead of get annoyed What if we communicate instead of complain What if we wait instead of rush What if we share instead of take What if we encounter Instead of
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Difficult Conversations 32

The Opposite of Going Postal

A most amazing thing happened at the post office the other day. I was standing in line to mail Christmas packages – a line that weaved through the main office, out the door and around the front of the building – when I heard a young couple arguing about a conversation the man was having on […]
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Difficult Conversations 33

Listening is love

When I was 7 years old I made a trip to England to meet my grandparents on my fathers side for the first time. It was a special trip for many reasons, including meeting my friend Tom Spriggs. Tom was a trusted neighbor and friend of my grandparents. He and his wife were the first […]
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Difficult Conversations 34

A Rare Kind of Dialogue

I happened upon the late physicist and author, David Bohm while conducting research for my Master’s thesis. Bohm wrote a ground breaking book called, Wholeness and the Implicate Order in which he introduced his interpretation of Quantum Physics. His writing about the nature of life at the sub-atomic level was lyrical but concrete, rational but […]
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Difficult Conversations 35

When the Need to Be Right Makes You Stupid

A Typical Day It’s 2 in the afternoon on a Sunday when I see Mei-Lian, my landlady’s Gardner, squatting beside the bushes outside my apartment. A quiet 60-something woman from Mainland China, she greets me with a warm, “hay-wo.” She’s holding a pair of long arm plant clippers in one hand and fresh plant cuttings […]
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Difficult Conversations 36

The Power of Presence

  This video caught my attention because I was curious about the person behind the Mr. Rogers of my childhood memory. I was irritated at first at Mr. Rogers’ slow pace – I went immediately to judgement, thinking, here we go he’s going to talk the same way he does in his children’s show? I’ll […]
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Difficult Conversations 37

Why I Love Oakland

  I LOVE Oakland. It’s not about the Warriors win this past year. Though that’s super wonderful. It’s not about the recent hipster’ness of this town and it’s (long overdue) overnight popularity. It’s not because it’s the abused and so-called ugly step sister of the San Francisco. It’s because when I take my dog out […]
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Difficult Conversations 38

The Value of Insecurity

Does it ever go away, the insecurity that lives in my skin ever since I was a girl. I’m walking to meet a friend and have to go along the lake which takes me past a large group of people salsa dancing. Just seeing this group makes me anxious (a bit of context soon to […]
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