How Do I Stick with It Once I've Started?

Persevering is about overcoming adversity, the defintion of which is serious or continued difficulty or misfortune. It seems counterintuitive, therefore to believe that opportunity can be found in times of adversity. But it can. And I don't mean the kind of opportunity that's exploitative and self-serving. I mean the kind of opportunity that allows for an opening to something different, something new, and maybe even something wonderful.

At the same time, when faced with difficulty, most of us want to run from it and avoid it altogether. (Even the most courageous feel this.) It's in these moments that the over-simplified advice to "embrace difficulty," leaves us thinking, what the fu**? How the hell do I do that when I can't even stay in the same room with whatever difficulty it is I'm facing?

When faced with difficult situations, I've found it useful to question my take on things. And not only that, but to question in a way that lends itself to active-ness. Specifically, I mean a question that's connected with my whole self, not just my head, but also not just my doing/action self.

The infographic below is comprised of 6 questions to help you stay focuses on your innate intelligence and body-wisdom when life gets tough. Think of them as different ways to experiment seeing and maybe even experiencing life's challenging moments. They've helped me avoid the slippery slope of overanalyzing on the one hand and over-doing on the other.

This downloadable pdf can be printed and used as a bookmark or card. Just email a link of this page to your favorite printer and tell them to reduce the file by 50% and then print on card stock (matte or gloss). This will produce a stunning image that's about 3 inches wide by 11 inchs long. The cost to print should be less than a dollar.

6 questions to boost your resilience


Can I be present with what is?


Can I suspend assumptions & certainties?


Can I listen to my inner self?


Can I follow my curiosity & wonder?


Can I exercise my attitude?


Can I embrace not knowing?