I help people manage difficult but important situations and/or conversations as effectively as possible by supporting them to better:

  • Identify and act on the aspect of the situation within their control, and
  • Prepare for the aspect of the situation that's unpredictable/not within their control

Service Offerings 

  • High Stakes Goal (HSG) coaching. Individual support to pursue and achieve important but difficult goals and/or projects in a way that results in a win/win for all involved. The difficulty may be due to the nature of the goal, changes in the situation or occurrence of personal hardship along the way, putting unanticipated pressure on the individual.
  • Difficult Conversations - on the Phone coaching or training. Focus is on mastering high stakes/difficult conversations on the phone without the advantage of visual information. Emphasis is on learning how to prepare for the aspect of a phone conversation that’s unpredictable, using active listening and enhanced empathy skills to supplement core training efforts.
  • Difficult Conversations - In Person coaching or training. Focus is on mastering high stakes/difficult conversations in person with the added complexity of being aware of non-verbal communication (from oneself and the other person). Emphasis is on learning how to prepare for the aspect of an in person conversation that’s unpredictable, using active listening skills, and somatic/non-verbal awareness  to supplement core training efforts.

Therapeutic Dance/Movement Services for Helping Professionals and their Clients

  • Therapeutic Dance/Movement Services are integrated service offerings designed to inspire joy and connection through the therapeutic use of movement, dance and authentic communication.

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