Adventure 7

Doing the Right Thing. How Do You Know What it is?

You're in a rush to get home for a phone interveiw for a job you need. But life has a different plan in store. How do you decide which one is more important?
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Adventure 8

Why Ending Up in the Wrong country was Right

Have you ever found yourself in a different country, by accident? I have. The country was Portugal. In August of 2000 I planned a trip to Europe to attend the wedding of some friends. The wedding would be in southeastern France, along the Cote d’Azur in a small village called Canadel.
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Adventure 9

Dare to dream and ask what if

It’s 1983 and aerobics is the hot new fitness craze. Flash Dance star Jennifer Beals has transformed sweatshirts into a sexy fashion statement with strategically placed rips and tears. Women have an alternative to the male dominated gym scene with Jane Fonda’s Workout Video. Leg warmers, shiny leotards and matching headbands are the new chic.
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