Live 1:1 Support


Do you have a hunch about something that presents a dilemma that’s tugging at you and driving you nuts? Or maybe, you’ve followed your hunch and are full-steam-ahead pursuing your idea, project, adventure but sometimes struggle to know the best way to navigate the challenges that inevitably arise?

I may be able to help, both because I’ve been there and because I’ve helped others start and persevere with whatever it is that's calling them.

Use the link below to get on my calendar. We’ll talk and see if I can be of help. I charge a small fee for this initial call which will be deducted from future coaching sessions should we decide to work together. In the meantime, you will get value from this first call at an excellent price.

It’s amazing how useful a good conversation can be with someone who gets it and whose singular goal is to support you to get unstuck and confident about your next steps.

I hope to meet you soon!

You can learn about my background and story here.