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The Hero Within is a catch-all category that explores themes related to the struggles and joys of learning to trust the voice within. Posts include stories about self-trust and how that sometimes differs from self-confidence, the value of questions and why conformity is more dangerous than cowardice.

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Hero Within 1

Thick Skin Doesn’t Indicate Courage. Courage Indicates Courage

I had a client working with someone who was making his job very difficult. My client’s team was located remotely around the world at the time, so he had to manage them remotely. Not easy. As he was talking about this particular individual he said, “I just have to get tougher-skin to handle this person […]
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Hero Within 2

The Postal Worker Who Woke Me Up to the Bystander Inside

A most amazing thing happened at the post office the other day. I was standing in line to mail Christmas packages – a line that weaved through the main office, out the door and around the front of the building – when I heard a young couple arguing about a conversation the man was having on […]
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Hero Within 3

Absolutist-Thinking and Leadership: A Slippery Slope

About a year ago I read a post on LinkedIn about Leadership that included a list of what makes a good leader. The author was a CEO of a big company. The list struck me as so black and white that at first I thought it was a joke then I realized that it was […]
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