Do I Pursue My Hunch or Not?

Venturing Forth, as the word implies, is an adventure. What makes it so is that it calls us into unknown territory filled with uncertainty.

The flicker of an intuition, gut sense, question in the moment that alerts us to this unknown territory is what is commonly referred to as a hunch.

If we're not distracted or overwhelmed then we can pick up on these hunches.

But then what?

We often don’t know what to do next. So, we end up dismissing them or acting on them prematurely. And while some hunches absolutely do require rapid decision-making and action, the type of hunch I'm talking about here persists over time (ie. several hours to years) and doesn't require urgent action. That said, if it's persisted, it probably deserves your attention.

After analyzing hundreds of these types of hunches I've come up with 4 steps to help people make a wholehearted decision with confidence.

I'm offering the 1st of these 4 steps in a free video training because this step alone is powerful enough to help get clearer, which in turn:

  • Helps focus and intention
  • Strengthens resolve against insecurities and self-doubt
  • Keeps fear in its place
  • Gives insight into why you and why now

If you're wondering about the other 3 steps, they'll be in my book coming out in a couple of months.

When to Follow Your Hunch: A Guided Journal to Decide Whether or Not to Act on Your Instinct

I'm offering this free training video in the meantime. Of coarse it's a way to promote my book, but more importantly it's a resource that can be a help right now.

I know because I've been there. I've been up at 3 am so many times - struggling with a dilemma of what to do about a hunch. And how much I would have wanted this kind of support.

If you can relate then I hope you'll give this video a shot. You have nothing to lose and your hunch is waiting.

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